Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 8 Month BooBoo

My darling son hit the 8 month mark on April Fool's Day.

Liam still has no teeth, but I think he must be teething. His tongue is always sticking out and he produces plenty of drool.

He isn't crawling, but is rolling and scooting more and more every day. When he wants to move forward to get a toy, he balances on his tummy and wiggles his arms and legs in the air. It might work, if he were swimming, but the breaststroke is getting him nowhere on my carpet.

He loves to put everything in his mouth.

In typical boy fashion, he laughs at slap-stick humor and flatulence.

His blue eyes continue to melt my heart.

Emma loves him madly, and he's crazy about her.

He goes to bed like a champ every night and is pretty fantastic about falling asleep for naps. However, when he wakes in the night he seems to think that he needs my help to fall asleep again. I'm trying to convince him that he does not.

I adore him.

My little girl has little freckles! Hooray!

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