Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 months (9 days late)

My Emma-Bean is amazing and growing so much all of the time.

- She says her version of "yes" when you ask her a question.
- She understands SO much that I say to her and follows directions fairly well.
- She still has just 8 teeth, but I feel some swelling and am expecting a molar or two soon.
- She eats like a champ. She's a good girl and eats her vegetables. I'm fairly certain that she likes pizza as much as I do.
- She says "Mommeeeee" and "Daddeeeeeeee" and it is amazing. Sometimes it's just babble, but sometimes she is saying our names. Melts my heart.
- Her sleep is unpredictable, but we're currently on a good week of one to zero nighttime wakings.
- She loves to take a walk around the neighborhood, pick things up, and stare at people.
- She really enjoys babysitting little T with me.
- She loves her best friend, Addison.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just got a big black garbage back and opened my closet. I was so ready to get rid of those clothes that I haven't worn for a while and donate them so that they could be used and loved again. I pulled about five shirts off of hangers and then glanced at everything else and shut the closet door. Then I opened a drawer in my dresser. I glanced at the overflowing amount of t-shirts. I closed the drawer. I thought about starting in the next drawer, the pants drawer, but didn't. I opened and closed the shirt drawer one more time before putting the garbage bag into my closet and telling myself that I'll get to it soon. Today is just not the day.

So, what is my deal? Why do I keep clothes that I no longer wear? Some of the shirts are from certain events or places, so I hold on to them as reminders of those times. Everything else? I have no idea. I love my clothes and don't want to part with them, even though I have too many items to wear. Then there is the pile of pre-pregnancy clothes that still do not fit. Do I donate those and give up hope of every regaining my previous size and shape? Or do I hold on to them and allow them to take up space even though it is unlikely I'll be wearing them again? AHHHH!

In other news, I am still reading like a mad woman. Barry is working second shift these days, so I have a stretch of peaceful alone time between Emma going to bed and Barry coming home. That's when I sit on my nice, new couch, pop out the foot rest, recline, and read a book.

The info on the book club I joined is found here: Livermore Literary Ladies
There are links on the right to each year's book list. I've enjoyed all of the books on this year's list so far. I really liked Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah, so I just started reading another one of her books. I liked Austenland a lot. I also really enjoyed Water for Elephants, except for all of the sex. I've read the Hunger Games series this year, which I loved. Barry and I were both addicted to those books.

Okay, I've got laundry to do and a closet full of clothes to ignore.

P.S. Happy SIXTIETH Birthday to my dad!!!