Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"My Baby's Grandma..."

Emma is hilarious. Let me explain why.

Let's say we're driving to the store. Emma notices a man on a ladder and asks me what he's doing. I tell her he's painting his house. She will immediately launch into a story about how her baby can paint houses now. "And one time, when my baby was at her grandma's house, she climbed a ladder all the way to the top of the house, and then she painted the window purple. Is that silly? Psh. She was painting at her grandma's because I was at preschool. My baby can go to preschool now..."

She tells me about a dozen of these stories every day. They're always different. It's highly amusing.

Meanwhile, Liam has figured out how to move around just enough to get himself stuck against a bookshelf, the couch, or toy box, and then start crying for me to save him. Come on, buddy. Roll or scoot the other direction.

My life is full and rich.

(Beautiful photos were taken by Casey MacKenzie Johnson.)

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