Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back In The Saddle?

It has been an obscenely long time since I last posted. I'm not sure why that is exactly, but it happened. I miss writing. I miss creating. I have found that more and more of my free time is spent sucked into the content of the Internet through the screen of my phone. I love my smart, smart phone, but I miss writing. We'll see if I can change my ways.

As 2015 comes to an end, maybe I should fill you in on life here in my world this year...

My last post was written nearly a year and a half ago. We weaned Emma off of her meds. The process was slow and annoying as I said it would be. Finally, on November 18, 2014, she got her last Enbrel injection. The girl stayed off meds for nearly SIX MONTHS before the evil beast arthritis resurfaced in her left ankle and right knee as usual, with some finger involvement as the weeks passed. We restarted weekly Enbrel injections on June 1, 2015. She received near immediate relief and is still getting her weekly shot with no active arthritis at present. She started Kindergarten at the end of August, which she loves. She is not only growing, but flourishing, and it is beautiful.

Sir Liam is nearly three and a half years old and he has perfected the art of trying my patience. He is also skilled at selective listening, accidentally banging his head into everything, and eating most non-dessert foods incredibly slowly. His blue eyes still light up my world, and his budding sense of humor is quite entertaining. He is healthy, happy, ridiculous, and quite pleased to be sleeping on the top bunk in a twin-size bed.

I've spent a lot of time in the past year figuring out more about me. It's been really wonderful. I've allowed myself to question everything, to look at the wide world around me, to evaluate the depths of my own spirit, and to break free of a paradigm that I have outgrown. For several years, I attempted to confine my mind, heart, and feisty spirit into a box that doesn't come in my size. Many of those years were wonderful and uplifting, but I have found greater truth and beauty here, where fewer chains bind me. It has been a difficult, yet freeing journey.

My incredible husband and I have grown closer together in the past year. We don't know why, we can't really put words to explain what has changed, but our love is stronger than it used to be, our communication is improved, and our life is happy.

As we move past the holiday madness and enter 2016 full of expectations and the thrill of starting fresh, I hope you are happy too. I hope you take time to do something you love, to kiss someone you love, to sing songs that you love. Take a moment to smile for me, because that is what this beautiful life is all about.

Here's to a New Year!