Sunday, July 27, 2014

Round 2: Wean!

(You have to read the title in the style of the Street Fighter arcade games. Only we aren't fighting, we're weaning.)

A year ago tomorrow, Emma restarted her Enbrel after a brief, but glorious, eight weeks of being med-free and arthritis-free. Her wonder drug has helped us to enjoy this past year with no active arthritis. Now, we are once again in the process of weaning off the medication.

This is a stressful time for me. Yes, I want to get our kid off of a heavy-duty med with unforeseen future side-effects, but when a medication keeps the arthritis under control so beautifully, I fear life without it. Yes, I hate that I have to give my daughter a weekly injection, but she takes it gracefully, tolerates it beautifully, and it gets the job done. Without our Enbrel, I will become freakishly vigilant and begin checking her joints each day and watching her like a hawk for signs of stiffness each morning.

This time is different than when we weaned last year. We're doing it much more conservatively so the process will take longer. That annoys me. Let's just stop the meds and see if the arthritis comes back already! No? No. 

This time is also different because I'm even more of a hippie than I was last year. Now Miss Emma applies frankincense essential oil to the bottoms of her feet twice daily. Frankincense is awesome because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has many healing properties. I'm hoping it does the trick when the Enbrel is out of her system. Maybe this time we will have more than eight weeks of unmedicated remission.

Fingers Crossed.