Thursday, February 17, 2011

12 month stats

Emma had her 12 month check up with the doctor this week. All is well. She is petite but growing beautifully. She cried for her vaccines, but only for a second, and has otherwise had a wonderful week.

Weight: 18 lbs 2.2 oz (8th percentile)
Height: 28.25 inches (23rd percentile)

She started walking at about 11.5 months. She now has 8 teeth. She waves hello and goodbye. She says "Hi" and "Dye dye" (instead of "bye bye"). She points at things and says "Dats". She jabbers on and on in baby language, nodding her head and gesturing to emphasize her points. I nod and agree accordingly. She knows when I'm asking her a question; sometimes she understands, other times she just nods "yes" in hopes of getting something out of the deal. She loves food, particularly whatever I am eating. She's still trying to figure out how to drink milk out of a sippy cup without spitting it out. She still nurses several times a day (and at night). She still doesn't sleep straight through. She loves bath time and has to be told a thousand times each bath to sit on her bottom. She adores the cats and dog. She's starting to throw tantrums and I'm trying to learn how to not give in. She is my greatest source of joy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I will have to post all of the fun stats later, especially after we go to the doctor and I find out how much little Emma has grown. I can't believe my baby is a year old. I have survived the first year of motherhood and it has been amazing.

We had an incredible birthday party for The Bean today at my parents' house. A ton of people were there. I was so overwhelmed before hand, I got there late and in a sour mood, but when I walked in the door and heard so many familiar voices of people I adore, I almost cried with joy. Thank you to my family for your support, my amazing husband for doing so much prep and set up, and for all of the people who came and shared their love. Everything was perfect.

In other news, we had a quick trip up to Eureka earlier this week for Great-Grandma Loie's memorial service. She was Barry's great-grandmother and she lived a full life for 99 years. We were both very sad to see her go, but so thankful to have known her.

On the way up 101 Barry said to me, "I don't think your speedometer is working." Sure enough it decided to go haywire on us. It continued to move up any time the car accelerated, but it did not go back down when we decreased speed. All we could do was go with the flow and guess our speed. There was a time when we were "going" 120mph, which we figured was about 65mph based on where the needle was when the car turned on. Oh my goodness. As if I don't stress out enough when Barry's driving. This just made it worse.

Magically, it fixed itself. Fine, super, fantastic. I didn't really want to pay the $$$ that the dealer would have wanted for a replacement. Let's see how long it holds out before I look down to find myself driving at excessive speeds again.