Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NINE months!

He looks so funny, curled up like a ball with his tongue out!
I'm a few hours early, but I figure that's better than being an entire week late...

Tomorrow is May 1st. That means Liam is nine months old. That means the kid has been here, in the world, for as long as he was growing in my womb. That's nutty!

My boy-child still doesn't have any teeth, which amazes me because his tongue is ALWAYS sticking out and he has been producing drool non-stop for weeks. Apparently those behaviors are not indicative of teething. Who needs teeth, anyway?!? He eats mushed up food and can gum his little rice puffs to death just fine

Liam isn't crawling forward yet, either. While on his tummy, the kid can rotate in a complete circle, scoot backwards, and roll every which way. However, if I put a toy just out of reach in front of him, he gets incredibly frustrated at his inability to get it. Poor little dude. He's not getting his knees up under him, so we have a little way to go before he achieves forward motion. I did see him doing some very nice planks a few times today and almost expected him to do a push up. (I know, I'm a little bit crazy.) UPDATE!!!! On May 1st, the actual day he hit the nine month mark, Liam started getting onto his knees and rocking. I think he's pushing his feet against the couch for help, but it's happening! Maybe crawling isn't too far off after all!)

What can he do?
He can sit up like a champ.
He makes all sorts of fun sounds and recently discovered how to wiggle his hand in front of his mouth while saying "Ahhh" in order to make even more noises.
He just started waving. It's inconsistent, but it's definitely a wave. He even makes the correct noises, saying, "Haah!" for "Hi!" and "Da-Dye!" for "Bye-bye!"
Several times today, when I said, "up" while picking him up, Liam mimicked me perfectly. I am most impressed.
His hair sticks up all over, just like Emma's did as a baby.
He is cheerful and a bright spot of sunshine in my world.

I love that little boy.

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