Saturday, March 30, 2013


March is nearly over, which means my Emma has been off of methotrexate for an entire month. Tomorrow marks the last of our weekly Enbrel injections. She'll be on an every-other-week injection schedule for the month of April. How did we get here? This is incredible.

I look at this picture and think to myself, "Wow. This is real. This is MY life." My children are so perfect in their own ways. So similar, yet such individuals. Why am I so blessed? This is incredible.

Today, Emma went on a shopping trip with her Grammie. The Little Miss frolicked out of the front door and merrily ran towards my mom's car without a backward glance. I made her come back to kiss me goodbye, and as I watched her scamper off again, I realized that my baby has grown into a little girl. When did that happen? This is incredible.

Tomorrow is Easter, a day for me to remember and celebrate the resurrection of a man who I once considered to be mythology, but who I now honor as The Christ.
How much has he done for me? So much. It's incredible. 

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