Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cadbury Cream Eggs are Delicious.

I'm still on that chocolate kick. I blame this pregnancy, but the truth is that I have a wicked sweet tooth all of the time. I've just been a little more of a sugar fiend the past few months.

16 weeks. Emma took this photo. Not bad, eh?
We hit the 16 week mark and I had an appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat today. Thankfully, it has a healthy little beat, so I'm feeling happy. I still don't really look pregnant and haven't gained any weight. However, my guts are getting squished upwards and I've spent the past week either wearing pajamas, workout pants, or unbuttoned jeans. I decided it was time to bring the maternity clothes in from the garage. Today, I'm wearing jeans with a stretchy waist. Much more comfortable and much less frumpy. Our big ultrasound will be on March 19th and we'll learn the gender then, if baby cooperates. Wow. I'm going to have two kids before this year is over. Craziness. 

Notice the kicking legs.
Speaking of craziness, we've got plenty of that around here already. I don't know if Emma just feels poorly because she's getting over a cold, but she's been quite the cranky child this week. I suspect that someone told her about this thing called "The Terrible Twos" and she decided to try it out. Seriously.

Ah, the crying.
If she's not throwing a tantrum because she wants me to pick her up, she's throwing one because she wants to go somewhere, or doesn't want to go somewhere, or wants a different toy, or wants to help me feed the cat, or doesn't want me to leave the room. Should I go on? She's also decided to be a slow, horrible, eater. I have to keep popping food in her mouth, discreetly so she doesn't throw a tantrum, to get through a meal. It's wearing me down.

Good thing she's cute.
Good thing my pregnancy is uncomplicated.
Good thing it's Easter candy season. 


  1. So, I also love Easter candy. It's my favorite candy season! Unfortunately, I basically can't eat chocolate anymore--it doesn't agree with Heather. So no Cadbury eggs for me. But I can still have my Peeps, right?

  2. They ARE delicious! And there is a sweet tooth on my mother's side of the family....

  3. Somehow I find it humorous that you shot a pic during a tantrum. It reminds me of myself when my husband tripped on the steps and broke his ankle. He had to wait for me to take a picture for my first aid class before he could get some first aid. : ) He was the perfect twisted up specimen!