Monday, February 13, 2012

24 Months. The Big Two!!!

Wow. My kid is officially two years old.

Emma is doing well. Her arthritis is pretty well under control, but it's still around. She's talking more and more every day, piecing words together to make little sentences. She loves music and sings a ton, which is highly amusing, unless Barry and I are trying to have a conversation in the car and we can't hear each other over Emma's musical endeavors. Still no sign of her final baby molars. I'm trying to teach her how to brush her teeth with toothpaste but she keeps swallowing instead of spitting. She always wants to help, from sweeping the floor, to feeding the cats, to putting away groceries. It's a lot of fun.
She is sassy, funny, adorable, and the light of my life.
She wouldn't hold still or smile, so I tickled her.

Mmm... Pizza!

We celebrated on her actual birthday, Saturday the 11th. I don't know why, but I apparently like throwing big birthday parties for her. For both her first and second birthdays, I invited a bunch of friend and ended up with about 30 people at my parents' house to celebrate. If we tried to fit that many people (and their accompanying toddlers) into my house, it would be a very close, crowded disaster. I love seeing friends from all different areas of our lives together for one event. Emma went crazy with excitement. So many friends all in one place was definitely an enjoyable experience for her too.

The kids played with toys and chased each other in circles. The adults stood or sat, talked a bunch, and ate. It was a very low-key event, but very enjoyable. Thank you, Coscto, for supplying me with lots of delicious food!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emma!!!!!!