Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Springtime

I need to paint a quick picture so that I don't forget.

Emma, Torah, and I took a walk this afternoon with my friend and her baby. On the way home, I pushed the double-wide stroller while Emma walked along beside it. Thankfully, Torah is SO GOOD about sitting in a stroller. She enjoyed her ride, wiggling her feet and watching the world go by. The sky was a clear, bright blue. Even though it's only February and it was cool and rainy yesterday, the sun was hot and shining brightly today. Many of the trees around here have been suckered by the mild winter and are showing off their blooms that shouldn't be here until Spring.

As we walked by a group of trees full of white blossoms, Emma ran ahead of me. I watched my remarkable, little girl frolic under the blue sky and white flowers, felt the warm sun on my skin, and knew that the moment was perfect. My wee-one, with her thin blonde hair, denim overalls, and pink Converse shoes*, was the image of childhood joy.

Sometimes I complain about the little complications in life. Today's sunny moment reminded me that I have so much to be grateful for, so much to enjoy.

*The Converse are hand-me-downs. While I do appreciate the adorableness of such things, I am not one to spend money on brand names for my toddler who will only take a few minutes to outgrow said expensive purchases.

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