Tuesday, July 12, 2011

17 months


The kid is a talker. Much of the time we can't understand what she's saying, but more and more her words and sentences are starting to make sense. The other day she turned to the dog, who was outside waiting to be let in, and said, "No. Go potty!" I love when she uses a bossy voice and chastises the pets. She just said "Bless you" after Baby Torah sneezed. One of the highlights this past week was when Emma started to say "Gramma." My mom's heart melted. This kid is amazing and adorable.

In the past month she has sprouted her bottom two canines. I believe that just leaves the top two canines and four more molars until she has all of her baby teeth. What a big kid.

When I look at older pictures, I am amazed to find that she is, in fact, getting cuter and cuter with time. She is more physically capable every day. She really enjoys playing in water and swimming. She loves playing with babies and animals. She loves singing and dancing. You should hear her belt out the hymns in church. My apologies to the people sitting around us on Sundays, there's no way to keep a straight face when Emma's singing along.

Her first appointment with the pediatric rheumatologist went pretty well. We should be able to start some more medication soon to get this inflammation under control. That will be very good. Keep your fingers crossed that it works.

We love our Emma Bean.


  1. Are you kidding? We LOVE when Emma sings!

  2. The girls and I giggle our heads off when she sings! It's GREAT! Keep her singing!