Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sixteen Months

Yesterday, my Emma hit the 16 month mark. We celebrated with a family trip to the Spencer cabin for the weekend with Barry's dad and older sister. Even the dogs came. It was Emma's and my first time there, so it was pretty special. We had a lot of fun playing in the snow and enjoying the fresh mountain air! I even rode with Barry on the snowmobile! The only bad part was that Em doesn't sleep so well when we're somewhere different, so it was an exhausting trip.

The biggest developmental change that I've noticed in the month is Emma's ability to communicate. Her speaking vocabulary has grown so much in the past few weeks, it's amazing! She can say so many words now, including truck, car, paci (pacifier), light, nurse, milk, snack, night-night, sock, clock, baby, mommy, daddy, Dawn, Addi (Addison), kitty-kitty, boo boo, up, please, help, bath, hat, phone, eye, nose, mouth, yes, and no. Please keep in mind that many of these words don't exactly sound like the real thing, but I know what she is saying and she knows exactly what she means. She also makes animal noises, which is a lot of fun. She knows the sounds that are made by a cow, horse, sheep, goat, duck, goose, dog, cat, monkey, and snake.

Em now has four molars. Well, she's got three and a half, but that's close enough for me. Sometimes she really likes brushing her teeth, sometimes she really hates it. I hope she's learns to like it better so she can grow up with no cavities like her mommy.

A very difficult discovery has been made in the past month. A few days after her fifteen-month-day, Emma started limping and was clearly in pain when trying to walk in the mornings. I couldn't figure out why. Eventually it became obvious that her ankle was swollen. It didn't get better, so we went to the doctor. It didn't get better, so we took an x-ray. It didn't show anything unusual, so we did bloodwork. The bloodwork indicated that Emma could have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The next day a few of her fingers appeared swollen as well. Three days later a knee became extremely swollen and painful. The fact that it's showing up in many different joints confirms the diagnosis of JRA. We're going to see the ophthalmologist this week, going to recheck bloodwork next week, and waiting to get in to the juvenile rheumatologist. Things are okay overall. She is on an NSAID that helps with the pain. She's still limping and still swollen, but we're getting by for now.

No mother wants to hear that there is something wrong with her baby and it is very difficult to see your perfect child in pain. However, everybody has their trials in this life. This will be one of ours. Thankfully, Em has a great pediatrician, a loving family, and a strong will. I'm fairly certain that this will change our lives, but I'm glad that JRA is a manageable condition.

My poor little Bean.

Thankfully, she is still her happy, wacky self most of the time. She makes us laugh and smile. She gets around everywhere (she just doesn't run quite as fast any more) and gets into everything. She makes my life complete.

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