Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Visit to the Doctor

If I don't change my ways soon, all of the doctors we see are going to think I only have one shirt. This shirt:

I'm so suave.
 It's easily my favorite shirt. It's the perfect lightweight combination of polyester and cotton. It's soft, loose, comfortable, and I love it. Plus, when I bought it in college it was on clearance because of some mysterious stain that I didn't find that day or any day since. I'm not sure why, but at some point it became my lucky shirt. I've always gravitated to lucky charms, including the cereal. Now, instead of carrying some talisman around in my pocket, I wear my lucky shirt to doctors' appointments. It keeps the bad news away. Call me superstitious if you want to, that's fine. So far, my shirt seems to be working fairly well.

We had a short visit with the rheumatologist today. Emma is looking and feeling fine. Her joints are greatly improved, though her ankle and knee are still a little thickened and her fingers are plain out fat. Her range of motion is magnificent and she is in no obvious pain, so her doctor is happy. So happy, in fact, that we're going to try reducing her naproxen (an NSAID also known as Aleve) to just once a day. If she is still doing fine, then we'll stop it completely and only give it as needed. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?!?! No daily oral meds, just injections once a week!?! I'm praying that she does well so we can get her off of at least one medication.

On the way home I wanted to stop at the Oakland Temple. I asked Emma and she also wanted to go. She said something like, "YeaaH! Temple. Jesus lives temple." Melts a mommy's heart.

So we went. It's closed right now for maintenance and we got to see a novel sight. There were several people cleaning the face of the building, and one of these people got to climb up the wall to get the job done. After snapping a few pictures, we went into the Visitors' Center, to walk around and look at the artwork. It was a nice, peaceful way to end our adventures in Oakland today.

Looks like an exciting job.
Now I'm waiting for the singing to stop in Emma's room so I know that she's asleep. Maybe I'll nap too. Maybe I'll go sit on the couch and read.

I hope the rest of you get some good news this week and take a few minutes to stop and visit a place you love.
I love that silly smile.

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  1. Teach her that God lives EVERYWHERE.