Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AH! She's almost TWO!

Today Emma is 23 months old. Or in real language: Emma will be two years old next month!

Little Miss Tink.

In case anyone forgot, my daughter is incredible. She is stubborn and knows what she wants. One of her favorite sentences is, "My have it." (Which can be used as a statement or a question.) It is difficult to resist her requests when she adds on her sweet little, "Peeease."

She has recently developed a tenderness that I adore. At least once a day she leans in close for a snuggle and says, "I dove you, Mommy." It might not look like much in print, but when her sweet little toddler voice tells me she loves me, completely unsolicited, my heart melts. She periodically says, "I hug you, Mommy." which means I had best stop what I'm doing and hug my little girl.

She continues to do very well physically. We go to physical therapy tomorrow and the rheumatologist next week, so it will be nice to get that confirmation from the professionals soon. Nothing like knowing there is something "wrong" with one's child to always keep a parent worrying. Emotionally, I know her arthritis will make her a strong, compassionate little girl. Right now, though, she doesn't understand all of the medical treatments and has been a HUGE fighter during her weekly shots. Poor little monkey.

I see no signs of the alleged 2-year-old molars and secretly hope they don't exist.

We are not really potty training the kid yet, but she sits on the toilet several times a day. Usually she asks to go after a dirty diaper. I'm not really sure what the point is to that, but I play along. I'm not really interested in pushing the issue and figure that when she's ready to really make the switch, she'll do it. Today she tinkled in the toilet three times, which is definitely a record for her. We always smile really big, happy smiles at each other when she goes in the potty, I high-five her and tell her I'm proud of her, then life moves on. We'll see how it goes.

I need to plan her birthday party. We'll definitely have one, I just need the details of timing, theme, food, um... all of the details. Maybe I should start working on that.
Best Buddies!

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