Sunday, April 8, 2012

North Coast Adventure

Barry dives for abalone along the coast. He's been going on camping and diving trips each Spring and Summer for a long time, and I used to join him regularly. We haven't been camping as a family since Emma joined our world. I'm not quite brave enough to face all of the challenges that such an adventure will surely present. However, I really wanted to enjoy some family time doing something we love, so we went on a day trip yesterday. It was wonderful.

Instead of camping, we drove up in the morning, Barry and his dad dove in the ocean like little seals while Emma and I played on the beach. Then we relaxed, ate lunch, and went for a drive along the coast. We walked along a sandy beach, looked at sea lions, chased the waves, and drove home in the evening. We all had a lot of fun and came home extremely exhausted.

I'm glad we went. I needed the redwoods, ocean air, and salty waves. I've missed that big, blue beast and I seriously started to cry when the car rounded a curve and I saw the Pacific's majestic expanse for the first time in months. (I'm pregnant, give me a break.) It was so beautiful. I'm thankful for these special days, when my little, precious family is relaxed and together.

A walk through the redwoods to the beach!

Swim, Daddy! Swim!

Daddy's out there!

Baby Liam & Emma's first dive trip

Chasing the bubbles and loving it!


  1. Usually around Fort Ross. This time we were at Stillwater Cove for them to dive, and then played on the beach at Goat Rock in Jenner. :)