Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Can't Think of a Title

This is the ninth week of 2012. Seven of the past nine weeks have held some type of medical appointment for my pregnant self or Emma. Seriously? This is our normal life now?

Week 1: Free time equaled fun time, because it's important to start the year off right.
Week 2: Physical Therapy for Emma & The Doctor for me/baby #2 - in the same day!
Week 3: Rheumatologist for Emma
Week 4: Doctor for Emma because of her rash & The Dentist for me - in the same day!
Week 5: First Trimester Screening ultrasound for me/baby #2. That was fun, except for having to keep my bladder full.
Week 6: I didn't see any medical professionals that week! Barry went to the dentist though.
Week 7: Emma's 2 year check up, blood work, & our first visit to her Dermatologist. Stupid rash.
Week 8: My doctor for me/baby #2 & more blood work for Emma.
Week 9: Physical Therapy for Emma & Ophthalmologist for Emma. Stupid JIA.
Her eyes are still free of inflammation!

Emma should get a break until April, but I'll be going in soon for another ultrasound! Yay!

Maybe all of this time inside medical buildings will inspire my daughter to become a doctor?

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