Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flattering Portraits.

My kid takes after me in several ways:
  • I'm mostly certain that she's left handed.
  • She loves pizza but picks off the mushrooms.
  • Her love of animals is already apparent. 
  • She is a klutz. 
A few days ago she decided to fall. Her face landed right on her piggy bank toy, which happened to be on it's side. The very edges of it's two right feet left their marks on her face. One, a bruise on her forehead, the other, a fat lip and torn gum. Her crooked smile shows her lip off beautifully.

Good thing the kid is resilient. She gets her stubborn strength from both of her parents.

In other news, I discovered that my camera has a self portrait timer on it that takes three consecutive shots. What is the point of this feature? When would anyone use it, other than to be ridiculous and silly?

Naturally, I tested it out.

Which brings me to yet another way that my daughter takes after me. We both make really amazing faces for photos.

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