Sunday, September 11, 2011

19 months

My, how time flies.

This month, the biggest change in the life of Emma happened last week when I decided that we were done with the pacifiers. I cut the nipples off of Emma's two bedtime pacifiers and took them to her, saying "uh oh" and "broken." She looked at them, tried to suck on them, and realized that wasn't going to work. I told her that we needed to put them in the trash and she complied with very little convincing. (Thank goodness.) Since then, she only asks for them occasionally and never for very long. (Thank goodness, again.) However, falling asleep takes her longer than it used to, which is definitely not my favorite thing. I don't think she likes it much either. Oh well. We shall survive.

Her language skills are remarkable. Barry thought it would be a good idea to count the words that she says on her own. It took us a few days, but our final count is 205 words. We are very much impressed. She is also making lots of little sentences, which we love to hear. Some of my favorites are, "Daddy, stop it!" when he's tickling her too much and "I need help" when she can't open a container or put a piece into a puzzle. She says things like "I color," "I hide," or "I phone" to let us know what she wants. She says prayers (with a lot of help and guidance from us) that could melt The Grinch's heart. Emma understands the concept of ownership. "Daddy's hat." "Mommy's water." "Emma's milk." She is becoming more and more a child, less and less a baby. It is awesome to be able to communicate with my little girl.

Her arthritis is still in full swing. She's getting around really well, though. I think the higher mtx is making a little bit of a difference, but it will take time to know for sure. We will be switching to the newly hired pediatric rheumatologist in Oakland and no longer seeing the doctors at UCSF. I hope the new doctor is good.

That little girl of mine is amazing.


  1. Emma is so stinkin' cute!! I'm glad that you blog Sarah, it's nice to read about what's going on with you guys and to see that Emma is doing so well. We miss you guys!!!

  2. That's an impressive vocab! What a cute one.

  3. I love hearing about your little one's accomplishments! Good job mama! And good luck with the JRA, I hope theres some big break-throughs on the way!