Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just finished reading a book called Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. He's a Navy SEAL who went through some seriously difficult experiences in the mountains of Afghanistan. I was able to get past the fact that he has the mouth of a sailor and is a super conservative military man, and really enjoyed the book. It was well written and the story was unlike anything I've ever read. I like being in a book group because it introduces me to books that I would never read on my own. It's good to be exposed to different perspectives. It's also good to learn a little about what our Armed Forces go through. It makes me thankful for the challenges I face in comparison.

Speaking of which, I have my first cold since Emma started methotrexate. I'm feeling paranoid. For those of you who don't know, methotrexate (mtx) is a drug that suppresses the immune system in such a way that inhibits inflammation. I'm not so keen on having a kid running around with a suppressed immune system. I know I can't put her in a bubble, (Her rheumatologist expressly told me I couldn't!) but I would like to limit her exposure to sick people. Slightly impossible when the sick person is me, especially since I know I was contagious before I started having symptoms. I can't take back all of the kisses and snuggles I gave her yesterday.
I hope she doesn't get sick. 

At least I don't have to fight battles in some foreign land where my life is constantly in danger.

Okay, bedtime for Mrs. Sore Throat.

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