Monday, August 8, 2011

PT part Dos

Emma saw the physical therapist again today and it went pretty well. As I mentioned before, we don't actually do much physical therapy. We mostly talk, watch Emma move around, measure some of her joints' range of motion, and talk some more about the kinds of activities I should encourage.

The good news is that Em's range of motion is improving. Her knee went from -30 degrees to -17. I don't know if the sporadic, short intervals of PT exercises that we've been doing have made the difference, or if the mtx is starting to reduce swelling and give her some more flexibility. Either way, I'm happy. We go back again in four weeks and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things are even better by then.

I gave Em her 4th mtx injection yesterday. They're getting better and better. She cries and talks to me all about her "boo boo" and "ouchie" as soon as she sees me get out the medication. She stresses out and cries when I give her the shot, but about five seconds later, she's fine. I'm becoming more comfortable with the whole process, too, which is making everything better. I can't believe how hard it must be for someone with no previous experience giving injections. One woman told me that she gives it to her daughter when she's sleeping. I kind of like that idea, except who knows if Emma would sleep through it. With my luck, that little bee-stinger-sized needle would wake her up and ruin our entire day. I don't know. As long as we continue to have success doing the injections while she's awake, that's what I'm going to keep on doing.

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  1. awwww... I'm glad she is making improvements with treatment!