Friday, May 28, 2010

Here we go.

I have officially put my teaching career on hold to focus on being a mommy.
It's never easy to say goodbye to my class is each year, but this time it was particularly difficult. I won't see these kids in the hallways. I won't be there for former students to visit during recess or before school. I won't walk onto the playground and get attacked by a mob of hugging girls. Teachers teach because we love children and we love learning. I don't know if I've made a profound difference in any of my students' lives, but many of them have touched my heart and forever changed me.
Ah, Bethany School and all of my little munchkins. I'm going to miss everything.

My daughter is amazing. I am so glad to be able to spend more time with her, except I don't know if I'm up for the challenge. Taking care of 23 second graders is a lot different than caring for one 3.5 month old. Plus I have training and practice with teaching. Baby care is a whole new world. Pregnancy wasn't so bad because I knew that if I wanted to take care of the baby all I had to do was take care of myself. Now that she's living outside of my body I have to find time to take care of both of us, and not neglect the hubby. It is a balancing act that I have not mastered and honestly doubt if I ever will.

You know what will help get me through?
Sweet Baby laughter and the fact that she finds the dog absolutely hilarious. Nothing brightens my day more quickly than the sound of her giggles.

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