Thursday, October 29, 2009

24 weeks...

... and things are looking good.

I'm extremely tired at night and in the mornings. Again. So why am I playing around on the internet instead of sleeping in my cozy bed, snuggled with my cat? I really have no idea.

Work is going well. Tomorrow is our Halloween celebration. I love being surrounded by children who get so excited and swept up in the magic of fun holidays. I can't wait to see all of their silly costumes! Several of us teachers decided to wear our old caps and gowns to be graduates. I only rented the black one I wore for my college graduation, so I'll be sporting my lovely, yellow, GHS cap and gown. It's awesome.

I'm looking forward to hanging out at home this Halloween. No crazy parties, no late nights. Just my husband, me, the couch, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and some candy for the trick-or-treaters. Sounds like a lovely plan.

Goodnight all, and happy haunting.

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  1. I thought all teachers are supposed to dress up as witches. At least that's what it seemed like out here. There was one teacher who dressed up as a giant flying pig and had a fake needle and a sign reading N1H1. I thought that was pretty cleaver.
    PS: Your baby countdown says you only have 101 days left! Ahh crazy! You're going to be a great mom!