Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clouds, Rainbows, Sunshine, and Green Hills

I'm in love with today.

Let me back up so you can peek at my thoughts...

I did most of my growing up in the same town that I currently call home. As a child, I lived in white-collar suburbia and had great experiences attending amazing schools within walking distance of my family's home. Now, we live in blue-collar suburbia on the other side of the tracks. All of the schools around here are very good, but we live within walking distance of the two lowest scoring schools in the district. When the time came to enroll my kid in kindergarten, I had a decision to make: Should I send her across town, to a better school that requires me to drive each and every time, or should I stick to our own neighborhood?


We walk to school almost every morning. I chose the school nearest home. Yes, it has low test scores. Yes, all of the women and children's shelters in town feed into the school so it has a bit of a transient population. Yes, we walk through two blocks of "the gang" area of town during our daily half-mile commute.
But you know what? I love it.

I love that my children really experience our neighborhood. I love that these streets, sidewalks, trees, and power poles are familiar daily sights. I adore her school, the teachers there are devoted to giving their students the fighting chance they will need in this life. I love the school community and the opportunity to help make a difference where there is a greater need than at those "better" schools across town. I love the diversity. My children are going to grow up bilingual and bi-literate, at a school where they learn in two languages every day. My kids will know and love cultural traditions different from their own, and they will be better for it. It is beautiful and I am grateful that I can give them this opportunity.

This morning, we walked to school under big clouds and blue sky. The sun was bright, and the rainbow in the distance was a wonderful treat. I held my babies' hands and explained the wonder of water refracting white light. We decided that rainbows are like pennies on the sidewalk: they are omens of good luck.

I am certainly feeling lucky.
I am in love with today. 

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