Friday, February 1, 2013

My Baby is 6 Months Old

Six months have already flown by since my little man came into the world. It's going too fast.

"With eyes like the sea after a storm..."
 Liam continues to be my little ray of sunshine. He is a smiley, happy baby. He chuckles adorably at all the right moments. He laughs hysterically when we kiss his tummy or tickle him. His face lights up with pure joy when I sing to him.

He love music, dancing, playing with toys, and putting everything in his slobbery mouth. Sometimes he thinks the dog is amusing, other times he's a little scared of my big, loud Hercules. Liam is fascinated by the cats and loves to pet them and watch their tails twitch. He still absolutely adores his big sister. His smile is gigantic when Daddy comes home and picks him up. (He likes me a lot too.)

I was pretty sure he had mastered the art of rolling from his tummy to his back last month, but he has since decided to boycott all rolling over. He can pivot in a circle when lying on his tummy. He's getting really close to being able to sit up on his own.

He likes eating solid food and is getting the hang of eating off a spoon. In addition to oatmeal, he has eaten avocado, carrots, and butternut squash. He gagged and spat out green beans. I'm going to try those again today. 

The kid has BLUE eyes. I always thought I had blue eyes, but I was wrong. Mine, Barry's, and Emma's are a mixture of blue, green, and gold. Liam's eyes are pure blue.

See the difference!?!
Sadly, my kids are currently fighting a yucky viral infection, likely RSV. Liam is coughing, congested, and a little bit wheezy. He has an inhaler that we're using every 4-6 hours. His bed is currently his little bouncy chair, in my room, right next to my bed so I can be paranoid and check on him constantly during the night. I'm running the humidifier in the living room as we speak.

Hopefully we all recover from this very soon with no added complications.

We're halfway through your first year, already, little buddy. Thanks for being so amazing.

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