Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blog Number Eleventy-One today!

I feel behind on my blogging.
I probably shouldn't lump all of these subjects into one post, but I'm going to do it anyway. Sorry if it turns out to be incredibly long...

I Turned 30!
My family and friends "surprised" me with a great party the week before my birthday. I knew it was coming, because I can smell these things a mile away, but I didn't know how it would all work out or who would be there. It turned out to be a wonderful evening with amazing people who make my world a happier place.
I'm making an awesome face here!
 In related news, our washer went poo-poo that week. To celebrate my actual birthday, Barry and I went shopping for a new one. I must really be getting into my role as a domestic goddess, because I discovered that buying a new washing machine was a pretty rockin' birthday gift. We also went out to dinner that night, without children. Wow! A million thanks to my mom for that gift!

I have never been one to fear getting older. I love my birthday each year and am elated to be alive to celebrate the aging process. Thirty is a good number. In the past thirty years I've managed to secure a husband, a house, two children, two careers, loads of amazing friends, and a plethora of gray hairs. I feel adequately accomplished.

Emma's Arthritis is Still in Medicated Remission!
Can I say that again? Yes? Thanks.
Emma's Arthritis is Still in Medicated Remission!
We went to her rheumatologist today and Em still has no signs of active arthritis. There is some synovial thickening in her left ankle that isn't present in the right, but that might be left over from initial damage. We will monitor it and see what happens.
Since her disease has stayed under control with her meds, we're letting her outgrow her doses. So, she's currently being under-dosed for her medication. In mid-January, if she's still symptom free, we'll reduce her meds even more. Hip Hip Hooray!

I miss my brother. He lives only thirty minutes away, but I haven't seen him since January. I talk to him on the phone periodically, but I never know if he'll be manic, depressed, or somewhere in between. With the holidays coming up,  I thought it would be nice to get together this weekend. I called him today and asked if he was available for a lunch date with my little family. He basically told me that he didn't think that was necessary and that we probably shouldn't get together this weekend, but that he still loves me.
That kind of crushed my little sister heart.
I see the way my baby Liam watches his big sister's every move. He adores her, smiles at her constantly, and will hopefully always look up to her. That's the way it is for little siblings. We view our older siblings with a weird admiration, a hero worshiping love that persists in spite of the teasing, wedgies, and general I'm Too Cool For You attitude we get in return. It's a very hard thing to watch my childhood idol deteriorate into a mentally ill, yet beautiful and bright man. So, as I said at the beginning, I miss my brother.

When I got married, Barry's family became my family. They have welcomed me into their lives and hearts and it has been wonderful. I have grandparents again and the number of aunts and uncles I can now claim as my own has tripled. The real bonus has come by gaining sisters. I never had a sister before, now I have two that live only 45 minutes away. I love them both very much and am grateful to have them  in my life. In the past year I have grown really close to Barry's older sister. She has become my big sister and my dear friend. No one will ever replace my big brother, but what a blessing it is to gain family.

Okay, that's all for now.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy and be grateful for your physical health, old age, mental health, and family tomorrow. I know I will.

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