Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a New Month!

Welcome to November.
The Princess & The Pea
 Halloween was a lot of fun with my little ones. I took them to my parents' house so the grandparents could see how cute they looked in their costumes. We took some pictures and trick-or-treated at a few houses in their neighborhood. Then we came home to share their cuteness with my neighbors and my father-in-law, AKA Papa.

The Princess
Miss Emma continues to do well health-wise. She also continues to be a royal pain in the tookus whenever she gets the chance. I'm trying really hard to convince her that she should obey me. Sometimes she falls for it. She is so funny and so smart.

Her latest efforts to manipulate The Mommy happen at nap time and bedtime. "Mommy? Can we read one more book?" "Mommy! Can I have another drink of water?" "Mommy! Uhh... ummm..." "Mommy?" The best is when she comes out of her room and starts with some excuse for not being asleep, such as, "Daddy! You're too loud!" (She's probably right about that one.) I know she's just exercising her stubborn will power, and it's kind of cute, but it's also a little bit obnoxious. I've had to start bribing her to go to sleep. Today, since she went down for her nap without being a jack-in-the-box, she gets to watch some of Lady and the Tramp when she wakes up.

She named them Rapunzel & Eugene.
That brings me to my next subject: Movies and videos! The kid loves them. She's like her daddy in the way that she gets absolutely glued to a television. If she hears one of us watching a video on the computer, she comes running into the room to see what's playing. Good thing we don't have cable t.v.

All of her quirky traits make Emma the wonderful little girl that I love so much.

The Pea
Liam is 3 months old today. Already. He is still my little angel and I am very much in love with him.
His blue eyes are bright and aware.
My handsome 3 month old!
He continues to spit up like an erupting volcano.
He laughs daily and it is adorable.
If he's not sleeping, eating, or quietly observing the world, he is smiling, smiling, smiling.
He loves to engage others in conversations and has added "oooh" into his ever expanding vocabulary.
Liam & his adoring fans.
This may be a little bit gross, but Liam only poops every six or seven days. He saves it up all week long and then poops on Thursdays and Fridays. Today he decided to begin Project: Fill Up Diaper at 4 A.M. and I was not pleased.
He bats at toys, kicks at toys, and holds onto toys.
His eyes follow me around the room.
If I ignore him for too long, he calls out to me so that we can resume our conversation.
He is already a huge flirt.
He has me wrapped around his tiny finger.

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