Monday, October 1, 2012

My Gray Hairs Are Multiplying

The past month has been eventful.

At the time of my last post, I was dealing with my first ever case of mastitis. That sucked because fevers make me miserable and a miserable Sarah is not fun to be around. Thankfully, antibiotics saved the day and life improved rapidly. Then, three weeks later I had a clogged duct that was a little bit painful and extremely annoying. In case you wondered, breastfeeding isn't easy, people.

I said goodbye to my best-kitty-friend on September 4th. That was sad, but I was well prepared. It was actually a relief to send my sweet Winter off to a happier, healthier place. She was nineteen years old and had lived a very nice, long life.

Last week I returned to my part-time work, which was good but bittersweet. I'm glad to be back in the swing of things and see all my wonderful coworkers, but I miss my babies. Thankfully, they're well cared for while we're apart.
I love these monkeys!

Emma continues to perfect the art of being a two year old, which gives me the opportunity to perfect the art of issuing Time Outs. She can be the most charming, adorable sweetheart one minute, and the next she is a screaming, spinning Tasmanian Devil whose sole purpose in life is to raise my blood pressure. I'm sure that her cranky rebellion is fueled in part by her perpetual sleepiness. You see, Miss Emma has decided that 5:45A.M. is an acceptable wake up time, regardless of when she went to bed the night before. Please don't tell me that she just needs less sleep than she use to, because the dark circles under her eyes say differently. The good news is that she's still napping well in the middle of the day (*Knock on wood!*)  and we're surviving.

Today, Liam is two months old! He weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces according to my baby scale. (It really was my baby scale, too. I can't believe my parents kept it for so long!) He is still a wonderful, mellow baby. He cries when he is hungry, tired, or in need of attention. Once you give him what he wants, he's quiet and happy again. He spits up a lot and it's a little bit gross. My mom calls him Mount Vesuvius. We use receiving blankets as burp cloths to cover a greater surface area and the poor kid always wears a bib. Thankfully, my hair is short, my carpet is cheap, and my couch wipes clean easily. He sleeps like a champ. His smiles are heartwarming. He has incredible blue eyes. I am madly in love with my little man.

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