Monday, October 15, 2012

Going Green!

During my senior year of college I had a roommate who used biodegradable dish soap and cleaning products. That same year I learned that a woman I knew through church wouldn't use pesticide flea control on her dog. She is a cancer survivor and has chosen to remove as many toxins from her life as possible.

None of this made sense to me. Why would it? I lived on poptarts, Oreos, frozen taquitos, pizza, and cereal. I didn't really know there were organic and all natural products out there and I didn't understand the bigger picture behind why people were choosing them.

Now, I'm starting to understand.

I don't let my kids have Red40 and try to stay away from most artificial colors in Emma's food. (I still eat the junk, but old habits die hard.) I haven't used fabric softener or scented laundry products in so long that the smell of other people's highly scented laundry literally makes me sick to my stomach. Emma is used to eating natural applesauce, so when we go out to restaurants and the kid's meal comes with high fructose corn syrup applesauce, she doesn't like it and won't eat it.

I'd like to go all organic with our food, but I hate the higher prices and am currently too lazy to become a coupon super-mom. I think I will with time. For now, I'm introducing organic and natural products little by little. As we finish one item, I'll replace it with a healthier, natural choice. For example, Emma and Liam get natural shampoo and soap, while I indulge in the mainstream stuff. I use "green" cleaner for the shower, sink, and counter, but my toilet gets nasty, straight up bleach. Once my bleach bottles (purchased in bulk from Costco) are all used up, I'll try to figure out something else to use.
Looking a little green?

So what happened to me? Why am I even attempting this change and repeatedly resisting the urge to buy those poptarts?

I think it is partly because of Em's arthritis. It seems to me that autoimmune diseases, cancers, asthma, and Autism are more prevalent these days. Why? I can't help but wonder about all of the chemicals in the air we breathe, in the water we drink and food we eat, and in the clothes, makeup, and shampoo we put against our skin.

That is why I'm trying to change things and hoping to limit my family's exposure to the byproducts of our industrial world. And I totally understand if you think I'm a little bit weird.

Wish me luck!