Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walk This Way

Last weekend we participated in our first Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Walk. It was similar to the Jingle Bell Run/Walk we did in December, except it wasn't timed. Also, we were in L-town this time, which is less scenic and hotter than Monterey, where we walked in December.

Thanks to so many friends, we had a very large team supporting us. Twenty of us walked on Team Emma. More were signed up online, which is support enough for me. If we walk again next year, I'm going to make matching t-shirts and get a group photo. We have managed to raise $1,302 so far, and I think a few more checks are on their way. I am impressed that we raised so much money, especially since I am not too fired up about fundraising. A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who donated.

The whole event was a lot of fun. There were several booths with games for kids. There was a big bounce house with a slide that Emma desperately wanted to go into. However, once inside she was a bit intimidated and came out again. She did get her face painted, which was very lovely.

When the walk started, we were towards the end because I had been standing in a long line to use the bathroom. I'm a smart pregnant lady who knows that it is best to go pee before taking a three-mile walk. Good thing, too, because there were no potties along the way. Our team stuck together for a good part of the walk, then we started spreading out. As we approached the half-way mark, where you turn around and head back, I took a detour. It was motivated partially by my bladder, and partially by a desire to say hello to my friend, Dawn, who was riding in a gymkhana nearby. I got to talk to Dawn, pet her lovely horse, and use a port-o-potty.

During the 1.5 mile walk back, I started to tire out. I'm 6 months pregnant and was suffering from allergies so we cheated by taking a short-cut at the end. When we reached our finish line, they fed us hot dogs! That was a wonderful surprise, because everyone was hungry!

Grammie & The Bean!
I feel fairly good about raising funds for The Arthritis Foundation. They have a free family education day about Juvenile Arthritis. We went to that this year and learned a tiny bit, but mostly it was about stuff I already know. They also hold a Family JA Conference each year, which I'm hoping we can attend next summer. When Emma's older, she can go to a camp that they have especially for kids with JA. I like all of these things, but I'd love to see the Arthritis Foundation raise more awareness about Juvenile Arthritis

Just so you know, there's a very cool non-profit out there called International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement that works to raise awareness that autoimmune arthritis is very different from osteoarthritis. I think that's a pretty important thing to do. I'm all about raising awareness.

Okay. I'm done blabbing on about JA. Until next week...

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  1. A pregnant woman is definetly governed by her bladder! lol. I am so glad that you had a good walk while raising money for JIA. I know it will help all of our kids!