Tuesday, October 11, 2011

20 Months

That means we're just four months away from having a two-year-old on our hands! How did that happen?!?

Life is going pretty well around here. Emma's arthritis is still munching away at the same joints. Her knee is improving; the swelling there is hardly noticeable most days. Her ankle's swelling is also down, but it's still obviously swollen. The range of motion in that ankle isn't improving, but I'm not cranking on it during PT as I probably should be. She's running and climbing and getting around really well, which is wonderful. I'm starting to really worry about her fingers. Those little, swollen sausages haven't changed a bit since the onset of this madness. Trying to convince her to hold a crayon or a spoon the correct way is not going so well. I'm afraid of the challenges she is going to face as she grows. Will she be able to learn to write her name? Tie her shoes? Button her own pants? We've got to get the disease under control...

Emma's language skills continue to improve. She's also mastering the art of demanding things and being a bossy little kid. It's frightening. "MY HAVE IT!" comes out of her mouth a lot when she's playing with Addison. Those two are teaching me patience while I'm trying to teach them about sharing. It's awesome.

She is going to sleep very well on her own, thank goodness. Most nights she sleeps straight through, for about eleven hours, which is wonderful. The only downside is that now we wake up around 6:30 A.M. I get a lot more done every morning. (When I'm motivated.)

My happy girls loves to sing and dance, go for walks, play outside, try to pick up the cats and give the dog treats. She enjoys swinging on the swings at the park (finally!), going down slide, looking a bugs, hiding under pillows and blanket. She is fond of spitting out food and handing it back to me while saying, "I don't like it." She throws splendid tantrums, sometimes cuddles her water cup and pretends it's a baby doll, and is trying really hard to help us dress and undress her. She JUST started saying "Um..." which I don't like. She's telling me what foods she would like to eat, which I do like! She counts to ten, with help. On her own it's just, "One, nine, ten!" She says the most heartwarming prayers, "Dear Father, Christ. Amen!"

She makes my life better.

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