Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fifteen Months

I am TOTALLY ticked off right now. I originally wrote this on the 10th and saved it as a draft. I edited, added all the details from Em's doctor's visit, and published it on the 11th. Now, suddenly I find that it is gone from my blog and reverted back to the pre-edited draft. I'm too peeved to go through and fix it now, so sorry that this is not as witty, wonderful, or error free as it once was. What the crap happened? I know it posted on the 11th because a friend of mine saw it. Boo.

We're a quarter of the way through Emma's second year of life. Time is flying. At her doctor's appointment this morning she measured 2 feet 7 inches tall and is weighing in at 20 pounds 14 ounces. That is a jump from the 23rd to 73rd percentile for height and 8th to 20th percentile for weight! Growth Spurt!!!!

She is growing so much, learning so quickly, and running everywhere. She loves to be outside. She like putting on grown ups' shoes. Heck, she likes when you put her shoes on her feet because that means we're going outside. Right now she has mastered a few words and chooses to use them universally. Almost everything is "mama, dada, mommy," or "daddy." Since "num-num" worked so well to get food and water, anytime she wants anything she reaches out and says, "num-num." Her vocabulary is expanding, she just falls back on these words most of the time. With a little prompting she knows to say please when she wants something. She says "nana" for banana, and "nack" for snack, but she thinks all snacks are crackers. I think I taught her the word "cracker" yesterday, we'll see if it sticks around today. She says her own version of socks, clock, Jesus, kitty, dog, and bath. She says "baby" very well and has grown attached to the one pictured above. Her ability to repeat words is improving too. House, trees, leaves, street, are some of the words she is able to repeat fairly well. I'm so proud of her.

Her hair is getting so long that it's in her eyes, but I don't want to cut it. I don't want to put clips or bows in it either because that's just the way I am. Clips don't last too long with my child, anyway. She is becoming more and more dexterous, and it's fun to watch her fine motor skills improve. She really enjoys scribbling on paper with crayons but gets really mad when I take the crayons away. Sorry kid, you can't walk around my house with any kind of writing implement.

Right now she is going through a needy, fussy, cry-when-I-don't-get-my-way stage. It isn't a lot of fun. She's so darn curious and I have to stop her from her desired activities frequently, so we have many a crying fit followed by me hastily redirecting her to something new. I attribute these tantrums it in part to her age, and partially to teething. Poor kid. I knew her first molar was cutting through the gum, I didn't realize that she had three cooking at once. I'd be grouchy too.

In the past month or so she has been willing to give kisses and it is the greatest thing in the world. She doesn't really give a kiss, but if you ask her for one she'll lean in for a smooch. It melts our hearts.

Emma bo bemma, you make your Mommy and Daddy so happy.

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