Sunday, January 23, 2011


We bought a huge couch and Emma is starting to walk!

I've had back pain and all sorts of issues in the past year that caused me to visit my chiropractor more than I liked. Pregnancy then carrying a kid around had something to do with it, but our couch was also to blame. When we got our first couch (a really wonderful hand-me-down blessing) Barry removed all the cushions and cleaned it really well. He also removed all of the extra stuff that the previous owner had placed below the cushions to give it more support. Whoever shoved that stuff in the couch did it for a reason. Removing it was a bad idea. The couch became way too squishy and gave no back support.

After ages of complaining, Barry finally agreed that it was time to buy a new one! Wahoo! We looked online and shopped a little bit in September or October. The weekend after Thanksgiving we decided it was time.

I called up the saleslady we had dealt with before and asked if they had any holiday sales. She didn't say yes or no, but rather, "Come on down and I'll see what I can do." Her tone of voice definitely said yes. When we got to the store I apparently wasn't being tough enough and clearly didn't know what I was doing, according to Barry. He played the part of the hesitant husband with the final say, hoping to get their prices to come down. Dude. The lady was already going to give me a deal. I talked to her on the phone.

One way or another, we got a discounted price and the promise of a new couch in four to six weeks. Two or three weeks later we gave away the old couch so that we wouldn't end up with too much furniture in our little house. Having no couch for a couple of weeks was kind of fun and made the living room seem huge.

The new luxurious piece of furniture finally arrived, we set up the baby jail anew, and all was well.

Yesterday Emma began taking four or five steps by herself instead of just one or two. It was extremely exciting and loads of fun. It also made me realize that she needs a bigger space and less furniture to hold on to for support to really challenge her to walk more. Today I disassembled the baby jail and now my living room looks like this.

It is a beautiful and wonderful time in our lives. Last week I was complaining about how I know she can walk, but she just doesn't know she can. I would have to pry my fingers from her hand in order to get her to take one step on her own. Today is a completely different story. This little girl is finally gaining enough confidence to take steps on her own! It is an amazing thing to watch a child grow so rapidly and find so much joy in the everyday activities us grown ups take for granted.



  1. Yeah! Go Emma! I just shared some of that joy with you. Thanks for posting it. She is freaking amazing! I love her hair too. ;)

  2. How fun! I love your baby jail, too!