Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just so I don't forget

Yesterday little Emma started using her big, loud voice for happy sounds. It was a little alarming at first because I thought some screaming and crying were coming, but then I started laughing when I realized she was just talking. It was fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago she developed the ability to make spit bubbles. She has been practicing ever since.

This morning was the first time that she actually enjoyed her bath rather than just tolerating it.

She sucked on a pacifier like a champ during her hip ultrasound yesterday. When I tried to give her one today, she gagged and spat it out at me. She's very stubborn. (Her hips are just fine, the ultrasound was just to make sure she didn't have any hip dislocation issues as a result of her breech presentation.)


  1. beautiful. I love you and your baby

  2. Just wait 'til she starts singing to herself. She's probably start before she's even close to talking! You'll love it!

  3. I always think that I can't forget how my kids do the cute little things, but I always forget. This time I would make a video of it on my camera. It's so good for you to write it down. Emma is such a cutie!