Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Liam is getting BIG!

11 months old already. This is wild and crazy.

Liam, my main man, is cheerful, friendly, and outgoing. He does cry and has stranger anxiety if I'm not with him when someone new shows up, but that's not so bad.

His ridiculous army crawl has improved drastically in the past month. He has mastered it and moves around the entire house at high speeds. When he is on hard floors he actually picks his little tummy up and crawls on his knees like a normal baby, but that's a new development, so he goes really slowly. We'll see if he makes knee-crawling a part of his regular routine.

Last week he started pulling himself up to standing and has just about perfected that trick. For most of last week he was so obsessed with standing that it was keeping him from falling asleep because he simply had to stand in his crib. I'm hoping we're past that.

He wakes multiple times in the night, but Emma did too until she was weaned, so I'm not expecting big changes any time soon.

He still only has one tooth, still drools all the time, and is cute as can be.

He waves, says the word "up", and loves music. He adores his big sister, she always makes him laugh. He pulls his hair and ears when he is tired. He sits and plays with toys by himself like a little angel. He is especially fond of playing with balls, so maybe there are some sports in his future?

Liam is becoming really good at feeding himself little pieces of food. He LOVES string cheese, all fruit, including raspberries, pears, and watermelon. Kidney beans are acceptable, but he'd prefer to suck down a pouch of pureed fruits and vegetables. He hasn't quite figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup - he sucks out some water and then spits most of it down his front. I'm okay with that, especially since we're experiencing a heat wave right now.

He is currently rolling around on the floor and crawling all over me in an attempt to get some attention. I'd better go.

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