Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 months (9 days late)

My Emma-Bean is amazing and growing so much all of the time.

- She says her version of "yes" when you ask her a question.
- She understands SO much that I say to her and follows directions fairly well.
- She still has just 8 teeth, but I feel some swelling and am expecting a molar or two soon.
- She eats like a champ. She's a good girl and eats her vegetables. I'm fairly certain that she likes pizza as much as I do.
- She says "Mommeeeee" and "Daddeeeeeeee" and it is amazing. Sometimes it's just babble, but sometimes she is saying our names. Melts my heart.
- Her sleep is unpredictable, but we're currently on a good week of one to zero nighttime wakings.
- She loves to take a walk around the neighborhood, pick things up, and stare at people.
- She really enjoys babysitting little T with me.
- She loves her best friend, Addison.

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