Sunday, September 8, 2013

Butterfly-Shaped Endocrine Gland

My Thyroid.

It sits in my neck, surrounding my larynx and trachea, silently secreting hormones that control every cell in my body's metabolism. That's a pretty big responsibility for such a little body part in such a vulnerable place.

As previously mentioned, I had some minor health issues this summer. (I'm feeling fine now, thank you.) Blood tests revealed lots of antibodies that prove I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. That means my immune system is attacking my thyroid and preventing it from adequately producing it's hormones.

I saw a quote recently that said,
"Autoimmune Disease: Because only I am tough enough to kick my own @$$."
Enough said.

I went to an endocrinologist last month. He felt my neck, looked at my thyroid with ultrasound, confirmed that I have Hashimoto's, STUCK NEEDLES(4!) IN MY NECK to aspirate a nodule on my thyroid and make sure it's not cancerous (It is not cancer, thank goodness.), and agreed to let me wait to start any treatment until rechecking my thyroid levels.
Needles In Neck: The Aftermath

Since then, I have been considering eliminating foods from my diet. Take a look at this crazy diet! I get pumped up about it, then stress about it, then give up on the idea, then despair. I stopped eating sugar for two weeks straight. Then I indulged. I'm limiting gluten, but eat a sandwich almost every day for lunch. I firmly believe that we are what we eat, but sometimes I really like to eat cake...

Who doesn't like to eat birthday cake?!?
Also, please note that for the past six months I have been losing weight intentionally, but man, it sure was easy. I am at my happy, pre-babies weight right now and I am trying really hard to stay here, but I am still slowly losing. Hypothyroidism (Under-productive thyroid... which I have!) slows down metabolism. Weight gain or inability to lose weight is a common symptom. Why am I having the opposite problem?!?!? How can I possibly afford to give up gluten and sugar at a time like this?!?!

Moving on...

I had my blood drawn this week and it shows that my thyroid function is slightly low. My endocrinologist is starting me on thyroid medication. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I'm hoping that it balances out these hormones and helps me get some energy back into my life. Maybe my hair won't feel so dry. Maybe I won't be so cold in air conditioned buildings all the time.

Or maybe I have no energy because I have two little kids and interrupted sleep. Maybe my hair is dry from my recent switch to "green" shampoo. I've always gotten cold easily, so I doubt I can blame my thyroid for that one. Maybe I'll try a little bit harder at that auto immune paleo diet, after all.

At least this guy is supportive, no matter what.


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  2. Aw Sarah, bummer that you have to deal with thyroid issues! You are tough (I hope I never have to be that tough... and that you don't have to be too tough for long).