Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten Months

A few days late...

Saturday The Bean hit the 10 month mark. That's wild and crazy and I can hardly believe how quickly this first year of her life is flying by. Here's the latest and greatest:

-She's able to stand without holding on to anything for several seconds. She can walk pretty well while holding only one of my hands for support. It won't be long before she is walking everywhere and getting into everything.

-Her little mouth has four teeth that she loves to brush. By "brush" I mean that she loves to gnaw on the toothbrush.

-She is babbling up a storm. She will copy sounds, especially silly things like clicking you tongue or blowing so your lips vibrate and make fun noises. The best thing of all... She Meows! When she hears a cat meow, she says, "Eeooowwwww" right back to them. It is delightful.

-The vocabulary that she understands has increased, too. She's also figured out that when I point to something she should look in that general direction.

-She loves to stick her finger in her nose. I wonder where she got that?!?! (It is the pointer finger on her LEFT hand. So hoping she is a lefty!)

-When I let her hold a hair brush, she attempts to brush her hair.

-She LOVES playing with Addison. They are baby wrestlers and I love the way they laugh together.

-Sleep is going okay, but not right now because she has a cold and has been up coughing for about an hour the past two nights. I'm tired.

-She loves to eat. The only thing I've tried to feed her that was not a hit was zucchini, otherwise, if she sees food she goes crazy and starts having a hissy fit because she wants it in her face. Bananas are a favorite.

-I adore her more and more with each passing second. How is that possible?

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