Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a day...

My day began poorly at around 1 A.M. I woke up because the dog needed to go out, but then I stayed awake for a variety of reasons. My brain wouldn't stop thinking of a million things, I could feel my stress levels rising, and of course, my body was achy and sore. I went to bed late in the first place and then I was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Awesome.

I cried when I left Target this morning. No particular reason, I just got out to my car and had a brief cry. When I got home I cried again because my cat loves me, and because I was hungry and didn't know what to eat. I cried some more because my brand new vacuum is broken and I was on hold with Sears FOREVER, only to be disconnected when the guy finally answered. So I called back and waited on hold a second time and cried a little more only to find out that I really didn't need to make an appointment. Awesome.

Sears was good to me when I dropped off the vacuum. Things were looking up. The appointment with my doctor was great. Everything is going well with my little one's development. Her heartbeat is stronger and louder than ever and her size is right on target. (Stop telling me I'm tiny.)

Then, my car wouldn't start. Can you guess what I did? Yes. I cried some more. Keep in mind that I really am not much of a crier. Isn't pregnancy awesome?

My husband is my hero. He came to my rescue, jumped my car, followed me to the store, and replaced my battery in the parking lot. Then he came with me to the temple.

That was exactly the way I needed this insane day to end. Thank goodness we live so close to the Oakland Temple. Thank goodness it was still lit up beautifully with Christmas Lights. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful life.


  1. awe... I adore you... welcome to womanhood, I have to tell you that crying thing doesn't go away after the baby is born... it get's worse